Tool-Box Talk: Site Trades 

MKS provides facilities services to many different clients. Each client site will have its own security measures that must be understood and followed by workers providing services on those sites. Breaches of those security procedures can lead to dismissal of the site. These outcomes must be avoided.
Where workers are deployed on a site with specific security arrangements, it is the responsibility of MKS management to ensure the security procedures are fully understood by those working at the site and it is the responsibility of those workers to comply with the security requirements at all times.
Regardless of client requirements, MKS has specific security requirements that must also be understood and followed, to ensure both client trust and worker safety are maintained. These include the requirement to:
• Sign in and out in the MKS Sign In/Sign Out Key Log during every shift.
• Only signing on at the start of your shift and only signing out at the end of your shift.
• Recording the time of starting and finishing accurately.
• Sign in and out ONLY for your own shift, and
• Enter the current time when you sign in and sign out.
• Enter any client site using security passes, keys or codes issued, only for the purpose for
which they are issued, which is to carry out your assigned duties for the site approved by
MKS management.
• Immediately report any loss, theft or damage to security passes, keys or codes that have
been issued to you.
• Never permit any other person, whether authorized for entry or not, to enter a client site
using your security pass, keys or codes. This includes borrowing your security access and/or
tailgating through security access points.
• Access Cards and/or Keys issued must not be labelled or identified in any way that discloses
the location for use.
• Report any suspicious activity, suspected unauthorized entry or access at a client site.
• Return your security passes, key or codes to your supervisor/manager immediately when
you cease to require access at a client site.